Helical Blade Mixers

Helical Blade Mixers

A highly efficient and versatile horizontal helical blade industrial mixer - perfect for powders, pastes, slurries and liquid mixes.

JR Boone's Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer (also known as a Ribbon Blade Mixer) is an interrupted ribbon blender / mixer with the four mixing elements supported on a patented clean arm that attaches around the central shaft creating a strong and hygienic design.

Description / Overview: 

Perfect for powders, pastes, slurries and liquid mixes the Helical Blade Mixers efficient four blade design and slow rotational speed combine with a short length to diameter ratio to give a fast gentle mix with low power consumption providing significant benefits over conventional ribbon mixers or spiral mixers. Horizontal Helical Blade Mixers are available in 18 Standard batch sizes from 50 L to 10,000 Litres, continuous mixers, lab mixers and non-standard versions are also produced to match your specification

A wide range of options are available to match your application.

The key benefits of J R Boone Helical Blade Mixers are:

  • The helical blades give the versatility to mix dry and damp powders, pastes, slurries and liquids
  • The Omega shape of the mixing vessel ensures all the product is entrained by the helical blades
  • Highly efficient mixing enables trace and minor ingredients to be added directly into the mixer avoiding the need for a pre mix
  • Accurate scale up from our pilot scale test machines to production scale can be guaranteed
  • Easy to clean with our patented 'Clean Arm' attachment and only 4 mixing blades for any size of machine
  • Lower capital cost results from a simple design giving a minimum number of working parts which also delivers low running costs, less maintenance and shorter cleaning times
  • The HHBM delivers all these features providing far more flexibility and utility than conventional Ribbon Blade mixers or interrupted spiral mixers
Product mixes: 

Dry cell battery powders 

Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive

Mayonnaise and seafood mixes

Cake Mixes

Catering recipes 

Fine chemical powder mixing 

Powdered soup mixes 

Breakfast cereals prior to extrusion 

Powdered drinks 

Flour batter mixes 

Spice and flavours 

Meat mixes 

Thick slurry mixing 

Toiletry preparations 

Resin based pastes

Sugar paste


Features & Options: 



Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer (HHBM) (aka Ribbon Blade Mixer)

Mixing action 

Medium to low shear contra flow Mixing


A free standing fully welded omega shaped vessel with adjustable sealing glands 

Size range 50 to 10000 Liters. 

Safety CE Certified.

Specialist mixing applications 

Continuous mixing

Mixing / Processing with Pressure/Vacuum

Heating / Chilling

Laboratory mixers


Any number of feed arrangements. 

Flush fitting plug valve discharge

Slide valve discharge

Bomb door discharge 

Rotating shell discharge

Air purged glands or mechanical seals. 

Pressure rated quality assurance sampling valves

Jacketed mixing vessel for heating and cooling

Pressure or vacuum vessel design 

Liquid addition spray systems

Polished, bead blast or coated finishes 

ATEX, PED certified machines 

Variable speed control

Mixer weighing systems

HMI, PLC Control and instrument systems

High shear refiners, cutters, choppers

Specification sheet: 
  • Horizontal Helical Blade Mixers
  • Ribbon Blade Mixers
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Horizontal Helical Blade Mixers

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