Vertical Mixers

Vertical Mixers

The J R Boone Vertical industrial Mixers are available in three forms:- High speed Mixers available in batch sizes from 2 cubic meters to 35 cubic meters. Low speed Mixers available in batch sizes from 5 cubic meters to 50 cubic meters. Live Bin, Live storage – a variation on the Low speed Vertical Mixer which keeps difficult to discharge materials free flowing and homogenised in storage prior to further processing.

Description / Overview: 

Perfect for free flowing powders and granular mixes the Vertical Mixer works by repeatedly drawing the material vertically through the centre of the vessel creating a fountain effect to spread materials across the top surface then falling by gravity to be recycled up again. This action provides for variable batch sizes within the total working volume together with complete and rapid discharge of the batch.

The Vertical industrial Mixers are available in two standard formats High speed and Low speed.
High speed Vertical Mixers use a full length centre tube to provide a rapid turnover of the mix volume and shorter Mixing times. Available in 7 Standard batch sizes from 2000L to 35,000L
Low speed Vertical Mixers have no centre tube for a gentler mixing action, these are particularly suited to granular materials and consume less power. Available in 7 Standard batch sizes from 5000L to 50,000L

Lab mixers and non-standard sizes are also produced to match your specification.

A wide range of options are available to match your application, click the optional features to view them.

The benefits:

  • The correct height to diameter ratio combined with the screw flight design produce optimal mixing in the shortest time
  • The screw flight designs give the versatility to mix powders and granules
  • The shape of the mixing vessel ensures any batch size up to the total Mixing volume can be mixed
  • Large access doors and the open screw flight of the low speed Vertical Mixer make it easy to clean
  • Accurate scale up from our pilot scale test mixers to production scale can be guaranteed
  • Standard drives and components make the mixer simple to operate and maintain
  • Lower capital cost results from a simple design giving a minimum number of working parts which also delivers low running costs and shorter cleaning times
Product mixes: 

Batter Mixes

Plastic granules

Master Batch Mixes

Animal feed mixes

Pre extrusion mixes

Grass seeds

Grain seeds

Batch homogenising

Spray coating granules

Features & Options: 



Vertical Mixer (VM)

Mixing Action 

Fountain Mixing


A fully welded cylindrical vessel with adjustable seals. 

Size range 2000 to 50000 Litres. 

Safety CE Certified.

Specialist Mixing applications 

Mixing / Processing with Pressure or Vacuum

Heating / Chilling

Laboratory mixers


Any number of feed arrangements

Flush fitting side valve discharge

Slide valve bottom discharge

Quality assurance sampling valves. 

Air purged glands or mechanical seals

Liquids addition systems

Heating or cooling Jackets 

Vacuum Processing 

Mixer weighing systems

HMI / PLC control systems

ATEX, PED, certified machines 

Polished (dull to mirror) and bead blast finishes

Specification sheet: 

A specification sheet for this machine type will be available shortly.

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