Delta Blade Mixers

Delta Blade Mixers

Advanced mixing technology has never been more competitively priced

JR Boone's Delta Blade mixer (sometimes known as a ploughshare mixer) is a high shear mixer, offering a short mixing time with attrition of the product. Extremely efficient, the Delta Blade Mixer takes the ploughshare mixer concept and develops it to provide an economical mixer with low maintenance costs, low energy costs and rapid discharge.

Description / Overview: 

Delta Blade mixers have a short length/diameter ratio which, with the unique Delta Blade itself, creates an extremely efficient mixing environment, reducing energy costs and making the mixer easy to clean.

15 Standard sizes are available from 40L to 9000L, non standard and continuous versions are also produced to match your specification.

A wide range of options are available to match your application, click the Optional Features tab to view them.

Look at the benefits:

  • Short mixing time
  • Mixing with attrition
  • Improved mixing efficiency
  • Rapid discharge
  • Batch or continuous
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Competitively priced
Product mixes: 

Catering cake, pastry & cookie mixes with up to 50% fat additions

Dry mortar, plaster mixes and building chemicals

Pre Mixes of food additives and spices

Perfumed talcum and face powders (cosmetics)

Brown sugar & molasses mixes

Reduction of filter cake into lump free slurry

Coloured powder health drinks

Dispersion of solvent into aluminium powders

Paint over-spray re-processing

Dispersing fibres into sports field topsoil

Sewage sludge conversions to fertiliser

Products requiring additional attrition when being mixed

Breaking down of 'soft' agglomerates and cohesive powders when mixing

Extending dyes and pigments into powders

Mixing minor liquid additions without agglomeration

Features & Options: 



Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer (Ploughshare Mixer)

Mixing action

Medium to High Shear, contra flow, mechanically fluidised bed


Cylindrical shell with adjustable sealing glands 45-9000 litres.

CE Certified.

Specialist mixing applications

Continuous mixing

Mixing / processing with Pressure / Vacuum / heat / chilling

Laboratory mixers


Food / Hygiene Pack

Polished finish (dull to mirror)

Refiners, cutters, choppers

Pressure / Vacuum design

Mechanical seals

ATEX design pack

Side valve

Flush plug valve

Bomb door outlet

Rotating trough

Wear resistant mixing tools

Heating / cooling system

Dry powder feed inlets

Liquid additions system

Interlocked access doors

Variable speed control

HMI / PLC control panels

Load Cell system

Specification sheet: 
  • Delta Blade Mixer
  • Plow Mixer JR Boone
  • Delta Blade Mixers
  • Ploughshare Mixers

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