Mixing Systems

John R Boone have a long standing reputation for providing efficient, cost effective industrial mixing systems and process plant to specification and on time.

Blending and Mixing Systems Case Study

One example is a recently completed powders granulation detergent plant in South East Asia.

The plant was taken from initial concept to Hand Over, ready for production, within a 6 month programme. The plant produces a range of detergents specifically designed to suit the local conditions.

Drawing on many years of experience production bulk storage, powder dosing, minor ingredient handling and industrial mixing systems John R Boone were able to provide a low Capital Cost plant which was simple to operate and quick to install.

John R Boone produced a combined blending and mixing systems design to maintain the low cost, yet give flexibility for current production requirements and future development.

The final mixing system design provides for the powdered raw materials to be supplied in 25kg and 50kg sacks, using a vacuum powered sack lifter in two manual sack tip units. These in turn feed a chain and disc elevator to transfer the powders from ground level to a load cell mounted check weigh bin, situated directly above the mixer.

High Shear Plough (Plow) Mixer

The primary process is carried out in a high shear plough (plow) mixer into which the powders and necessary liquid ingredients are metered and / or pneumatically fed. On discharge from the plough mixer, the product is transferred via an airlift to elevate prior to sieving and then onto post dosing.

Any lumps are separated on the vibratory sieve then sized reduced through a mill and returned to the plough type mixer by a transfer conveyor for re-processing.

Rotary Drum Blender

Accurate post dosing of perfume and delicate minor ingredients is achieved in a rotary drum blender. The transfer from the rotary drum blender to finished product fill point being via an inclined troughed belt conveyor. Flexible finished product storage capacity is provided using wheeled tote bins. These are then queued to await elevation on to the mezzanine floor, prior to final packaging into cartons or form fill and seal bags.

Some other overseas mixer and blender systems projects recently undertaken by
J R Boone include:-




Fine Chemicals Continuous Mixing systems with PLC control, Bulk materials intake Republic: gravimetric proportioning and minor ingredient handling


Dry Cell Battery Batch Mixing system with PLC control, Vacuum Bulk materials intake, gravimetric proportioning and minor ingredients handling


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