Refurb & Repair

Upgrade and refurbish your existing mixer or a second hand unit for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. 

Save money and protect your investment with J R Boone's mixer / blender refurbishment service. Available for existing or new customers it's an ideal way to extend the life of your existing machines or second hand units. Our experienced and expert works engineers will completely refurbish your mixer or blender, replacing or repairing any worn parts with identical or often better equivalents, for much less than the cost of a new machine. 

Also, for suitable machines, we can upgrade the mixing / blending element to the latest design or configuration, providing you with a more efficient mixer / blender which may be able to process a wider range of products. We may also be able to upgrade your machine to a more hygienic design. 

For assurance, we test every mixer on completion and can install the refurbished unit whilst working closely with your production team to ensure minimum downtime and disruption. 

Additionally we can assess your mixing line for materials which have a risk of explosion and recommend ATEX upgrades to your mixer / blender to comply with EC ATEX directives. 

Repair & Maintenance

J R Boone provide a full range of scheduled repair and maintenance services. 

We begin with with site a survey from which we provide and detailed reports and costs. Following your acceptance we supply all parts, their fitting and any repairs, as required. We can also offer service contracts for the ongoing maintenance of your machine to ensure top performance and minimum downtime. 

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