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Development beyond the Plough (Plow) Mixer

JR Boone Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer

JR Boone's Delta Blade mixer is a high shear mixer, offering a short mixing time with attrition of the product. Extremely efficient, the Delta Blade Mixer takes the ploughshare mixer concept and develops it to provide an economical mixer with low maintenance costs, low energy costs and rapid discharge.
The Delta Blade mixer has a short length/diameter ratio which, with the unique Delta Blade itself, creates an extremely efficient mixing environment, reducing energy costs and making the mixer easy to clean.
15 Standard sizes are available from 40 L to 3200 L, non standard and continuous versions are also produced to match your specification.
A wide range of options are available to match your application. Contact John R Boone to discuss the next step!


Typical Delta Blade Mixer Applications:

  • Home Catering pastry and cookie mixes.
  • Barbecue spices
  • Dry Mortar mixes
  • Perfumed talcum and face powders (cosmetics).
  • Dispersing dyes and pigments into powders.
  • Mixing brown sugars.
  • Coloured powder health drinks.
  • Reduction of filter cake into a lump free slurry.
  • Dispersion of solvent into aluminium paint powders.
  • Environmental paint re-processing.
  • Sewage sludge conversions to fertiliser.
  • Animal feed products with molasses, fat and other additions.
  • Products requiring additional attrition when being mixed.
  • Adding minor liquid additions to powders without agglomeration.
  • Breaking down of ‘soft’ agglomerates and cohesive powders when mixing.



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