Examples of Applications using John R Boone industrial mixers, blenders and mixing systems are shown below.

John R Boone Helical Blade mixers make short work of spice. Unbar Rothon, since 1948, has specialised in the bespoke production of seasonings, flavourings and colour blends for use in the food industry. John R Boone supplied a pair of helical blade mixers that have helped Unbar Rothon to generate significant process efficiencies, saving time and increasing batch sizes while maintaining crucial product quality.

John R Boone has supplied a continuous mixer that has transformed production speed and quality for Tarmac’s Topsport sports pitch reinforcement blend of low-density polypropylene fibre, sand and selected topsoil. What do the Shrewsbury Town and Carlisle United Football pitches, Ascot Racecourse and the Guards Polo ground have in common with the Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Bolton Wanderers’ training grounds?

Avana Bakeries – smoother cake mix production with John R Boone Mixers. John R Boone Limited, of Congleton, have supplied mixing equipment to Avana Bakeries. The new equipment is a horizontal helical blade mixer, featuring a unique combination of rapid, gentle mixing with a tipping action to provide complete discharge of the unit into mobile containers.

Since November 2008, the treatment of chemical wastes prior to landfill has to be carried out under much more tightly controlled conditions. In particular, the mixing of waste with binding agents must be carried out in a closed vessel inside a building to minimise the risk of contamination to both the environment and workers.